Phoenix AS3-M6 Professional Alto Saxophone

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Phoenix AS3-M6 Professional Alto Saxophone
Phoenix AS3-M6 Professional Alto Saxophone
The AS3-M6 Alto is exceptionally responsive and easy to control dynamics across the full range of the Saxophone with consistent tone from low to high. It produces a rich, resonant sound, not too bright or dark, and a stable center sound that is ideal for jazz musicians. It has been test played by many professionals and music educators that have been impressed by its play ability, remarking about its sound being reminiscent of French saxophones of the 1950's and 60's. The AS3-M6 features ribbed construction which adds stability to the keys enabling the saxophone to maintain adjustment longer. Phoenix offers professional level instruments at a student level price.
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UPC 7754291990365
FinishStandard Lacquer
High F#No
MaterialYellow Brass
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